En smekning



A caress…

The yoga philosophy says that The only way to enlightenment is to controll our senses and that we are not our body cause it will change to next lifetime. And The modern world priority our mind and intellect…

But what if your body holding own memories and wisdom. Keys in your hands, eyes, skin, muscles or feets.. Links to a higher network and your path. Like the million of stars in the sky, you also carrie a unique star inside showed by your light and your fingerprints.

I theese days try to act from intuitive knowledge and practical experience more then only use my intellect and analyze part of The brain. It shows that my hands become one of my best tools in my work here.

Carrie the dogs stable close to my heart if they need, a caress on the cheek or the nose, calm someone down or invite to play. A sniff on my hand to know Who I am. I say our body is a hidden treasure.
And The soul can be show in your eyes but the hand carrie your map. Read them, use them and appriciate them. My hands have touch and meet so many destinies here. What if they have a memory on their own and act like a key to another specific soul. Recognize other beings, soulmates and open up for healing togheter.


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