Vipassana meditation


Back from Malaysia, and my first vipassana meditation. 10 hours meditation everyday for 10 days in silence. From 04.00 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening. I feel very proud of myself doing at least 93 of The hours in the meditation hall and really tried my best in many ways.

I Just needed to go to my room to meditate the second day. Cause after 20 hours focus on my normal breath the mind and voices started play games with me and my body hurts, not use to sitting. And then a little bit rest day 7 when I needed new input for my mind and daylight for my eyes. And I Will be honest to tell you that it was really hard and painful sometimes. No game for the unstable mind or body but the goal is also to purify your mind and I really feel a part of that now. I still process what I have been through, so I Will be back with more details about The experience later.

Budda means that is al about tensions and sensation become stored in our body. Every input from The outside world, we Will react on with a feeling or thought, it Will plant a deep seed in our subconscious (sanskaras). By meditation, the seed Will be showed as sensation in parts of the whole body. But by observe and let go of The sensation to move on to next sensation, like scanning your body, we can heal. Allowing the change of sensation to exist, not holding on to pain or run away. The experience in the body Will also give importent lessons and knowledge how to act in life. Let go of cravings, attatchment, evaluation and judge…

I now feel that I have new wisdom to use when I meet the dogs again. Cause the animals are more in theirs body than humans but in the same way building up tensions in theirs body from their life experience causing negativity actions and affect their behavour. So it is so importent that The dogs in the shelter boxes gets out for walk and can play a little, at least 2 Times per Day to start their rehabilitation to heal.

And about stillness and movement:
There is always a bit of yin in yang, and yang in yin. Always a bit of Light in the dark and dark in the Light. And.. Always bit of movment in the stillness and stillness in the movment… Tomorrow I Will visit Cocos again.. ❤️


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